Relief printing with Lino

School: WEA (Workers Education Association)

Learn linocut and woodcut skills in this entertaining and practical course. Suitable for beginners, intermediate and more advanced students. Learn the process involved in reproducing drawings, photos etc. as relief prints on lino, wood and vinyl surfaces. Printing is done by hand (i.e. there is no press) and only waterbased inks are used. This class is structured as a workshop and is led by an experienced artist. The emphasis of this course, beside learning the basic rules, is to encourage and stimulate your creativity.

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Time: Tuesdays 10.30 – 1.30pm
Date:  27 April – 22 June 2021


Cilla Campbell linoprint



  • Learn relief print skills in this entertaining and practical course. You will explore a variety of processes to reproduce drawings and photos as prints.
  • Students choose an artwork to turn into a print(s). Learn a variety of marks and shapes with cutting tools; how to reproduce prints in black/white and a variety of colour rolls, transparent colour overlay, chin collé, stencilling and more.
  • This class encourages ‘creativity’ with the simplest form of printmaking by hand (ie no press) with water based block ink (as well as other mediums for special effects).


For classes that are held at WEA Sydney, $5 to cover use of studio equipment (paper, ink, rollers etc.) may be required at start of term.

  • A set of relief cutting tools (prices range from approx $15.00 – $200.00). A cheap set will suffice for beginners or a ‘Speedball’ cutting set if you plan to continue the process.
  • A few relief printing surfaces (lino, vinyl or wood). Vinyl is the easiest surface to work on.

NOTE: An apron will save your clothes from any ink spills.




$276.00 – Concession

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