The Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar (southern Burma)

Please join me for an exceptional week sailing in the Mergui Archipelago.

Virtually unknown to the outside world until the late 1990s, the Mergui Archipelago is a group of 800 mostly deserted islands in the remote south of Myanmar (Burma). This Archipelago remains one of the planet’s most unspoilt destinations.

Think white beaches lined with palm trees and dense jungle, swimming in azure water amongst colourful reef fish, spotting corals and collecting seashells. Eagles circle above, gibbons and monitor lizards eye you from the shore as you cruise/sail by on a beautifully appointed yacht. Watch dolphins jump whilst we are under full sail or leisurely cruising to the next beach. Sail for days and meet only the odd fisherman in a dugout canoe.


The traditional inhabitants of the Mergui Archipelago are the Moken, whose semi-nomadic lifestyle is dominated by diving for sea cucumbers, fishing and bartering. We’ll visit Moken villages and buy fresh cuttlefish and watch men building dugout canoes as they have done for thousands of years. Myanmar is home to more than 100 ethnicities from the Sino-Tibetan, Tai, and Austroasiatic ethnolinguistic groups and you will see an array of starkly differing features.

Explore tropical forests, hike through hills and valleys; walk along kilometres of beach with only your foot prints left behind you. Kayak through enchanted mangroves, swim, snorkel, scuba dive and fish; the Mergui Archipelago teems with wildlife.


These 800 plus islands have remained virtually untouched, due to government neglect and the region’s long isolation. They are composed of limestone and granite and vary in size from tiny to islands larger than Singapore. Animals on these islands include gibbons, civet cats, huge monitor lizards, pythons and the rabbit-sized mouse deer. Hornbills, kites and white-bellied sea eagles circle above and kingfishers dart around mangrove forests. Frigate birds, pacific reef egrets, green imperial pigeons and emerald doves are just some of the birds native to this diverse archipelago.

The Burma Banks, a range of underwater mountains, make thrilling diving for the experienced and are found where the continental shelf drops into the deep sea. Boost food supplies with fish caught directly from the sea! Cast for tuna, barracuda, mahi mahi, giant trevally, Spanish mackerel and snapper or buy squid and cuttlefish from local fishing boats.

It is safe to travel in the Mergui Archipelago and there are no violent conflicts nor are there any pirates.





  • Sail amongst hundreds of remote islands
  • Meet the indigenous Moken “sea nomads” and learn more about their culture
  • Explore, hike and swim on untouched islands
  • Be spoilt by the fabulous crew and your private chef


We recommend Jenny Tucker, Travel Partners to book flights as well as pre/post tours within Myanmar. Please ask if you wish to travel as a group before or after the cruise.

Phone 0437 388 887

Our boat departs from Kawthaung and there are several ways to arrive there:

Fly to Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar and then take a domestic flight to Kawthaung with Myanmar National Airlines.


Fly to Bangkok, then take a domestic Nok Air flight to Ranong or a 4 hour scenic drive from Phuket. The crew will greet you in Ranong for the longtail boat transfer across the Pakchan River to Kawthaung which takes around 30 – 40 minutes. We will help you with immigration procedures before boarding the yacht.



  • Swimwear
  • Music, books, magazines
  • In most parts of Myanmar it‘s still impossible to find ATMs and credit cards are rarely accepted. Make sure you bring enough foreign currency. In the Mergui, US Dollars and Thai Baht work best.
  • Medicine (if required)
  • Thongs/flip flops
  • Casual sailing clothing
  • Hat – Sunglasses – Sun Cream
  • Mosquito Repellant
  • Whatever art materials (not oils) you wish to use



For over 30 years Mariner have provided unique experiences to locations only accessible by boat. They will make your bookings, issue your travel documents, answer all your queries and are your support crew on the ground.

Please contact Lauren Ryan for queries relating to our boat and crew.

Phone 02 9966 1244 or Toll Free (outside Sydney metro) 1300 131 724



  • all meals
  • water and non-alcoholic beverages
  • fuel
  • crew service
  • use of equipment (snorkeling, fishing gear, etc.)


  • Visa fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel before and after the cruise
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Art equipment
  • Myanmar authorities request foreign visitors to pay a Mergui visitor license, currently USD 310 per person. This fee is not included in the charter rate.


The itinerary is flexible, we have outlined an example of what you can expect to see and do on this 6 day cruise below.

Day One
Welcome aboard your yacht and set sail to Barwell Island. Arrive early evening on the beach to swim before dinner and drinks.


Day Two
Refreshing swim and leisurely breakfast on board. Under sail or cruise to Island No.115, often frequented by Moken sea gypsies and then to the small islands called the Mid Group. If time permits, a dinghy excursion into a nearby mangrove forest on Island No. 88 with swimming and dinner in this beautiful covered area.


Day Three
Early morning slow sail to the little village on Nyaung Wee Island to visit the local tribes. After lunch we sail west to Great Swinton Island with an optional jungle walk along the creek. Collect seashells along the huge beach and for anyone interested in Buddhism, a short visit in a local monastery.


Day Four
Early morning sail to tiny Ohway Island for the best snorkelling and fishing in the region. The colourful reef is teaming with tropical fish as well as soft and hard corals. Set sail after lunch to Jar Land Kyun and anchor in its large fjord, one of the most spectacular bays in the archipelago. Watch the hornbills at dusk in the mangrove forest and then fine dining on board under a starry sky.

Day Five
Leisurely sail toward Za Det Neg Island with its beautiful bay and beaches. Visit Rhino Island en route with calm turquoise waters. Then in the late afternoon toward Za Set Nge’s for our farewell dinner on the beach.

Day Six
Early morning sailing toward Kawthaung with brunch on board before returning to the Merge pier.




$2,950.00 twin share

$2,400.00 single supp. (join the waitlist)


A cancellation is possible if a replacement booking is made.




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