Andalucia Art Tour


An unforgettable art experience in the heart of Andalucia.

Be inspired by the rich cultural legacy of the Moors and visit the historic cities of Granada and Cordóba. Discover ancient olive groves, wild mountain scenery and hidden white villages in the unspoilt Sierras Subbéticas whilst being cared for by Tim and Claire Murray-Walker in their comfortable country casa – perfect for relaxing and peaceful R&R.

The trip is open to a beginner, intermediate or advanced artist using any medium.


I am a graduate of the National Art School and conduct courses in drawing, portraiture and printmaking as well as plein air art classes.

Cilla Campbell


GRANADA, the Alhambra Palace and Generalife gardens, cobbled backstreets and plazas of the Albaycin Moorish district.  Flamenco dancers in the gypsy caves with stunning views to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

CORDÓBA, the Mezquita, Alcazar gardens and medieval Synagogue. A maize of cobbled backstreets full of patios laden with ceramics and potted geraniums.


SIERRAS SUBBÉTICAS, a rugged National Park with karst scenery, olive groves, holk oak woodland and tumble-down ruined cortijos – perfect for the artist to draw and paint.

PRIEGO DE CORDOBA, a fine example of Spanish Baroque. Many houses still have an underground alley leading to the 11th-century Moorish castle with views across a valley laden with olive farms.


RONDA ‘clings’ to a dramatic gorge making it one of the most spectacular settings in Spain.

ZUHEROS, ZAGRILLA & CARCABUEY, the kind of picturesque hill-top white villages Andalucia is famous for but without the tour buses! Each with a different scenic interest including a natural spring, dramatic gorge setting and medieval castle.  We will visit at least two of them.

CASA OLEA, a beautifully restored old olive farm and your ‘home’ for 5 nights. Located in the heart of rural Andalucia and surrounded by nature. No sounds of the city; listen to the songbirds (especially the nightingale) from your balcony, walk through fields of wild flowers, take Ruby the family dog for a stroll through the olive grove or rest by the pool.

Casa Olea




I wanted to thank you for an exciting, invigorating and extremely interesting tour. I would never have visited many of the places on our itinerary without your expert tour arrangement. It was such a pleasure to travel with you and get to know you. – Lorraine Smith


Thank you, Cilla, for this incredible trip of a lifetime. To explore these stunningly exotic locations was such a privilege for which I am forever grateful to you. Your well-organised itinerary took us to a wonderful mix of places & catered for a wide variety of activities in the colourful cities & the beautiful countryside. You displayed care, respect & patience with all tour members making this a wonderful adventure that will remain with me forever. Thank you. – Helen White


We travelled with Cilla and 8 others through Morocco and Andalucia in April 2013. This was our first experience of travelling with a group, something we would not normally do, but we were pleasantly surprised. As we are total beginners as artists, it was great to get one-on-one help from Cilla. Although we have a long way to go in that department, the fantastic landscapes, vibrant life and people and places off the normal tourist track have given us plenty of inspiration for the future.

Cilla’s organisational skills were tested well, and came through with flying colours, with a great itinerary. There is so much we would have missed, and many hours on the internet, if we had tried to organise ourselves to do this trip. It was also fun to travel with the group, and a week in each country was about the right amount of time. We would thoroughly recommend any future tour, whether you are an artist or just a beginner, or even just a fellow traveller.
– Nick & Lissette Bligh


Utterly inspiring. This visually and culturally exciting tour offered rich experiences, great opportunities to draw at any level and time to explore ideas for future paintings. Cilla Campbellʼs imaginative planning, thoughtful attention to detail and wholehearted enthusiasm meant that each day was a delight – to say nothing of the wonderful food!
– Ursula Kolbe



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