Stimulating, challenging but above all makes drawing great fun

– Cheryl Salome

My first class – not my last.  A wonderful and enlightening two hours.  Thanks Cilla for your positive and engaging lessons. 

– Lysia O’Keefe

Great fun and inspired now to draw like Hockney.

– Marius Benson

Great to explore drawing with different styles and challenges.  Very enjoyable.

– Jane Louis

Cilla is a lovely relaxed teacher.  It is a pleasure being in her classes. Thank you for a good course and providing models.

– Igor


Loved Cilla’s class again!  Very encouraging teacher and motivates students at their own pace and level.  Thank you. 

– Lesley Walter


I have just taken part in Cilla’s drawing in the landscape group. For 2 terms we gathered in various locations around Sydney, a group of different, interesting people. As well as learning from Cilla’s encouraging input we got to know and inspire each other. I feel I now have the confidence to take out pencil and paper and draw just about anywhere.

I also went on a group ‘artist’s retreat’ with Cilla to Hill End and had the best time. The long weekend was very well organised with informative visits to art galleries on the way, inspiring landscapes and tuition. Again the group “on tour” were great to be with. 

– Susan Tee 2012


I had a wonderful relaxing artful, fun time with you all in Hill End, and lots of lovely memories stored away. Thankyou so much for all your hardwork organising it – I’m looking forward to the next trip I can do with you.

– Ruth Maltby 2012


Art tour to Andalucia – April 2012.
I was lucky enough to attend an art trip with 9 other students to Spain during April, 2012. This trip was organised by Cilla Campbell, a WEA art teacher. As I had participated in a number of art courses run by Cilla I was keen to be part of this tour.

It was left to the students to arrange their own travel arrangements to Cordoba but Cilla had organised for a travel agent to come along and discuss various options on the best way to travel from Sydney to Spain. This was useful and a number of the students took advantage of the fares offered by the agent.

I was met at Cordoba railway station by Cilla where a taxi van was waiting to take us into Cordoba. This was the start of what turned out to be a great week, mostly spent in the beautiful countryside of Andalusia. The accommodation was at Casa Olea, a tastefully renovated farmhouse run by an English couple. The bedrooms all had en suites and were very attractive and comfortable. The food was wonderful; all meals at the casa prepared by Claire, one of the owners.

Every day was thoughtfully organised by Cilla. Activities included trips to places of interest such as the Mezquita de Cordoba and Alhambra in Granada, walks in the hillsides visiting ancient towers and sketching along the way, visits to some of the small picturesque villages in the area where we would relax over lunch followed by sketching or painting. Cilla was always attentive and helpful during these outings, offering us guidance and instruction in a relaxed and fun filled way. At all times Cilla seemed to be thinking of our comfort and enjoyment using her teaching skills to help us improve our artwork whenever and wherever she could. Nothing was too much trouble.

I can thoroughly recommend an art trip organised by Cilla. Not only does she try to provide an inspiring environment for art students but she backs it up with enthusiasm and a professional attitude to teaching art.

I will always remember my art trip to Andalucia with very fond memories and would be happy to participate in another art tour organised by Cilla Campbell.

– Pam McBride 2012


I keep coming back to Cilla’s classes and keep looking forward to each one.  It is so enjoyable to go to those beautiful spots around Sydney, sit down with nice company and learn from a gentle, encouraging and gifted teacher.  Thanks Cilla, somehow you got me drawing which I though I could never do and from there, back into painting!

– Janet Pagan 2012


ANDALUCIA, SPAIN:  A wonderful, well planned trip.  Claire and Tim of Casa Olea were great hosts making our stay a memorable experience.  Ruby the dog added a homely touch.  Cilla, your enthusiasm was an inspiration to both the established artist and the beginner.

ROSS RIVER, CENTRAL AUSTRALIA: Another well planned adventure, this time to the Red Centre.  What a joy to be able to visit so many beautiful and rugged locations, perfect for any artist.  Thank you Cilla for your guidance with my sketching and watercolour painting, it was invalauable and has spurred me on to continue dabbling.  I look forward in the not too distant future, joining you for another adventurewhere we try to re-recreate the wonders of nature on paper.

– Lorna Bassett 2012


I went with Cilla’s group to Andalucia in April 2012.  I found this a great way to improve drawing skills and at the same time experience Spain and enjoy the company of people with similar interests.  I recommend this to anyone, regardless of their level of skill or experience in art, who wants to travel and encounter something more than the standard tourist trip provides.

– Robert Kitson 2012


In relation to Cilla’s Art Tours – I, as a mature art student – have travelled with Cilla.  She was organised, caring, creative and encouraging.

– Susan White  2012


Cilla is wonderfully encouraging and really helps everyone develop their creativity.

– Sue Toohey 2012.


As a beginner, I have participated in Cilla’s Learn to Draw, Portrait and Life drawing classes.  I am now on my 4th semester of en plein air mornings.  I have been very fortunate to find an encouraging and patient teacher who is happy for me to explore and develop my own style.  The excursions to Cockatoo Island and Spain have been wonderful as they were very thoughtfully organised.  I would encourage any beginner who feels that they want to draw and paint and can’t imagine where to start, to enrol in at least one of Cilla’s classes.  Don’t be afraid, at the very least you will have lots of fun.

– Julie York 2012


Cilla is a superb adult educator – empathic and engaging.  I am greatly enjoying her classes – and learning so much.

– Dr. John Hughes 2012


A testimonial from one of Sydney’s top nude models –  Berenice Humphrey:

I have been posing for Cilla at WEA for a year.  She is a lovely woman who always worries about the wellbeing of the models (e.g. ‘are you cold/warm?’  ‘are you comfortable?’, ‘can you hold that pose for long?’)  She knows how hard my work is and she wants to make it worth my sweat and time.  (Yes, models like to be tipped!)  She booked me to do a double in a few weeks with a male model friend of mine, Eric.  It will be a real challenge for the students to draw two nude figures at the same time.  I am looking forward to being an instrument to her teachings.

– Berenice Humphrey. modelberenicehumphrey@gmail.com (0449695780)


As a child I enjoyed drawing and painting but a busy working and family life meant I put that part of myself aside.  In retirement I vowed I’d give drawing another go. Cilla’s classes have provided me with the opportunity to rediscover this long neglected aspect of my life. I have enjoyed every minute!

– Sarah Lay 2012


This is my 5th term with Cilla;  2 Portrait classes and 3 Life Drawing.  I’m enjoying every moment of the classes and learning.

– Margaret Murray 2012


Warm, encouraging, helpful and exciting.  What more can I say?

– Trish Binnie 2012


Cilla is a supportive and encouraging teacher. She is able to assist a student to see more clearly and to develop their skills.

– Jann Chambers 2012


Both relaxing and challenging, Cilla’s classes are not to be missed.

– Yvonne Preston 2012


My third semester with Cilla. Though it is a portrait class I learn
about all aspects of drawing. The classes are stimulating and encouraging

– Annette Truman 2010


I’ve taken this course for a year now – I keep coming back because it’s
so stimulating and full of fun. And it’s Cilla who creates such a supportive
and encouraging atmosphere.

– Susan Toohey 2010


I re-enrolled in this course – more than once. Cilla provides plenty of
inspiration from her collection of books on linocutting and woodblocks. Have
learned much both from Cilla and fellow students. She encourages a group
enthusiasm so students learn from each other!

– Robert Kitson 2010


Cilla is such a fantastc teacher – she lets us work at our own pace and
encourages us to develop our ideas into something we can be really proud of

– Gayle Adams 2010


Cilla’s art classes are addictive. They are always something to look forward
to and leave you feeling inspired and encouraged.
– Genevieve Johnson 2010


Cilla promotes a collegial atmosphere in her classes; her expertise and
enthusiasm keep us going.

– Louise Miller 2010


I enjoyed Cilla’s classes very much. Being a self taught artist, I learned a
few different techniques which have been valuable.

– Angela Dalrymple 2010


Cilla taught me how to draw. I always looked forward to her classes each week.
I learned about pespective, shading and watercolour painting amongst other things

– Margot Hall 2010


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